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Guided Buying AI 2.0 revolutionizes C-item purchasing with AI. The new technology automates supplier competition and optimizes time-consuming processes. Experience significant savings in procurement costs, improved user-friendliness of your system landscape and first-class supplier-product data quality.

Process costs, usability, competition, best price

Save high process costs, create unprecedented, efficient and intuitive usability in your purchasing system (at level), automate supplier competition and enable purchasing at the best price– without any integration effort in your system landscape

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Your benefits at a glance

Over 50% reduction
in process costs

Achieve drastic savings in process costs with Guided Buying AI by saving 8 minutes per shopping basket, 80% fewer free text orders and automating supplier competition. In addition, you achieve measurable savings of 10% on average in purchasing prices thanks to best-price determination.

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Intuitive C-item

In line with your procurement and sustainability guidelines, Guided Buying AI makes C-item procurement in your purchasing systems as simple, intuitive and efficient as in the private sector – as a consolidated price comparison across all ordering channels, from PunchOuts to catalogues and marketplaces.

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AI optimization of
supplier content

Guided Buying AI optimizes your supplier content in a revolutionary way and achieves breakthrough results in your purchasing systems. The AI-enriched content enables an efficient search process through our AI search index and facets, price comparison of all suppliers via our precise AI matching, top product descriptions and images. In addition, missing or incorrect classification information is enriched for subsequent processes.

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Seamless integration
without IT effort

Both the Guided Buying AI price comparison and the Guided Buying AI content of your suppliers and prices integrate seamlessly into your existing system landscape. Without IT adjustments, without changes to approval and procurement processes – simple, cost-effective and fast.

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3 ways to Guided Buying
AI C-Parts price comparison

As a PunchOut connection

AI-supported C-parts price comparison of your suppliers and prices at Idealo level

The Guided Buying AI price comparison platform provided for your company is simply called up as a PunchOut from your SRM or ERP system with a single click. In future, your users will be able to find the desired item much more quickly, easily and intuitively, just like with Idealo in the private sector. With direct price comparison across all your order channels, from supplier PunchOuts to catalogues and marketplaces. With one click, the user jumps to the desired, price-leading article from the supplier, as with Idealo. The highlight here is that all other authorisation and procurement processes remain unchanged. This makes cost-effective, simple and fast integration possible without any IT effort.

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As AI catalogue optimisation

Enrichment of AI search index, product information, matching number, classification information and much more

The “Guided Buying AI Content Engine” automatically enriches supplier catalogues and internal catalogues with the information required for intuitive searches, price comparisons, guideline-compliant selection and necessary information for subsequent processes.

A harmonised EAN or our matching number makes it possible to compare prices for all C-Parts in your system landscape. The Guided Buying AI search index massively improves and accelerates the search results. Enriched classification information improves quality in all subsequent processes. Valuable controlling data is also provided for benchmarking and reports.

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As SRM Search & BestPrice API

Faster, more precise search results with price comparison of your suppliers directly in your SRM interface

For the first time, the “Guided Buying AI Search & BestPrice API” offers a price comparison result similar to Idealo across all your order channels, from PunchOuts to catalogues and marketplaces, directly in your SRM interface. Highly performant, fast, precise and with direct price comparison, the search result of your SRM system is massively improved and becomes intuitive for the user.

The highlight here is that all other authorisation and procurement processes remain unchanged. This makes cost-effective, simple and fast integration possible without any IT effort.

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AI for C-parts purchasing

The race for the productive use of AI has also begun in purchasing. Take advantage of the benefits and get ready for the future of guided, intuitive C-parts purchasing with high savings potential. Request a non-binding enquiry now:

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Our mission is to develop generative AI models for building valuable content for the GuidedBuying process, for all relevant systems and languages. Our content is directly applicable and does not require IT implementation. Our customers benefit from immediate usability and achieve high financial advantages.

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